Chris Noelck, founder of Houston Mold Design, has been involved in the design of plastic injection molds since 1992. He served his apprenticeship in Mold Design at Magor Mold, Inc. in California from 1992 until 1996. After successfully completing the apprenticeship program, he served as a Journeymen Designer. Eventually through years of service he became a Senior Mold Designer and Operations Manager for the company. He also temporally served as the Engineering Manager of MSI Mold Systems from 1998 until 2000. MSI Mold Systems was a co-venture between Magor Mold and American MSI Corporation to sell and service M-Form hot runner systems. M-Form, part of the Maenner Group based in Germany, specializes in valve gate hot runner technologies.

    In October of 2007, Chris moved to Houston, Texas and continued working directly for Magor Mold as a Senior Designer. In March of 2010, Magor Mold was being prepared for sale to the Schottli Group, a conglomerate of mold making companies based in Switzerland. At this time, Chris decided to leave the company and established Houston Mold Design in April of 2010.

    Chris' 25 plus years of experience has given him a broad depth of knowledge in designing molds for products in multiple markets. He is considered an expert in high tolerance, high cavitation tools such as used by medical device manufacturers. He also specializes in complex mechanical tooling actions and unscrewing systems often used in automotive, and cap and closure markets.